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Breathing new life into the neighborhoods of Encino, these houses are the creative pillars and foundation which have enabled Sandlot Homes to become the company it is today.

  • We want to revitalize Encino, ca and surrounding areas.
  • We modernize, taking care in architectural design so each home aesthetically fits the landscape of the neighborhood.
  • Our customer service is our top priority. We maintain integrity, friendliness, and professionalism ensuring you are guided through the real estate process with little-to-no stress.
  • Our top Realtor, contractors, and craftsman are experienced in selling homes quickly. If you are on the market to buy or sell your home, contact us and let us show you what we can do.

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We will not only revitalize your neighborhood, we bring guaranteed equity for peace of mind with value, quality, style, and sophistication.

Sandlot Homes Newest Build

Ultra-modern Luxury Hideaway

A one-of-a-kind hideaway, Sandlot Homes brings you the epitome of style in this ultra-modern smart home. A gated treasure, you can experience the quiet Charmion cul-de-sac which offers cool luxury with all of the amenities you want..

Jeff Huberts


(310) 709-7100

Premier Builder in Encino

Jeff Huberts started Sandlot Homes because of his passion for rejuvenating neighborhoods and creating equity for his clients and investors. Taking pride in quality, you won't find a better builder. Value, equity, and customer priority is the foundation of Sandlot Homes.

"Our goal is to transform even the most distressed properties into someone’s dream home..."