Invest with Sandlot Homes

Transforming Opportunities into Profits

Why Invest With Us?

Armed with a deep understanding of the local Encino and surrounding market, our investment team is constantly searching for foreclosed, distressed and deeply discounted residential properties which can be turned into opportunities. Through masterful design and programmatic efficiencies, we’re able to consistently transform a home and increase its market value. Our track record of successful projects has proven that our approach

to building adds margin and profits to the properties we touch.

Over time, we’ve established long-term relationships with recognized experts in the industry, which allow us to have a continuous lead on new opportunities. We’re uniquely positioned as a trusted and effective partner in residential revitalization. If you’re looking for a sound growth investment strategy to add to your portfolio, call us.

Property Acquisition

The Southern California Real Estate Market

Our acquisition team searches real estate markets within Southern California, choosing neighborhood pockets indicating adequate growth, a healthy rental market, and a supply of positive cash-flow producing properties. We then continue to select only the properties which have a potential to be the most lucrative. The properties then undergo an extensive remodel and/or addition, allowing our investors to maximize their return on investment..